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ANARCHY IN ACTION: an artistic study

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Hahaha. This is amazing, and only fuels my hatred of "anarchy".
It only fuels my hatred for our dependence on government.
the reason government exists in the first place is because a long time ago, people... wtf. fuck this! i'll show it in picture form.
rightfully so!
I thought Iraq was the biggest threat to our safety? Not silly old China.
thats what zog wants you to believe.
People actually believe in Zog? I thought it was a metaphor like Adam and Eve
it was a joke
i hope you arent referring to my art skills. that picture took two hours!
Actually, neo-conservativism will be responsible for the downfall of the united states and subsequent occupations of America by foreign powers.

I suspect it will have something to do with conflict of interest over Iran's nuclear program. The current US administration will not let it slide so they will attempt to take sanctions to the UN which China will subsequently veto because they are the second largest oil importer from Iran (next to Japan) leading the US to instead take military action against Iran which may or may not lead to a full scale invasion. This might start out as airstrikes against facilities which lead Iran to support major insurgencies in Iraq which the US responds with an invasion on Iran which at that point China somehow gets involved because it doesn't want to see 50% of the worlds oil be in American hands and issues ultimatums invades Taiwan, gets old Kim Sun Il to go all apeshit on American forces in the DMZ and lo and behold we get WWWII.

Sounds rather fun on paper!

Well in truth Anarchy could work if there was a super all powerful entity that could enforce it... Of course then it wouldn't be anarchy. The best we can hope for is Enlightened Despotism and right now our Despots aren't that enlightened.
i know neoconservativism/liberalism will do it in the end, but i was just making a point of how anarchy *would* do it.

what about WWWWII?

and fuck enlightened despotism, I'M READY FOR CHINA YUM!
Couldn't Anarchists just overthrow China?
I know this sounds horrible, but I don't think I have a preference between the two. They both need to be destroyed.
anarchists overthrow china? maybe if they had help from santa clause and then hell froze over.
Wait, so you're assuming that a rag-tag group of pothead Vegan hippies and bookwormy computer nerds (which is exactly what every Anarchist group I've met has been) can overthrow the most powerful military force in the world but not the second most powerful?


Also, why would the Chinese want to take over this theoretical American Anarchist paradise? All America exports is Hollywood and weaponry, neither of which sound like the sort of thing Leftist post-revolutionaries would feel the need to produce. America doesn't have that many antural resources, there's corn, and a little oil in Texas. If I was China, I'd take over Canada.

And why are you assuming that any sort of theoretical Anarchistt autonome wouldn't create a military and defend itself against any authoritarian communists that want to take over?



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pitty I don't look at lj often enough to have gotten involved in this.
oh its still open.

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hey thats better.
Why is there a Chinese soldier? I'm totally fucking confused.
probably the only country next to russia capable of putting soldiers here and keeping them around successfully. and china would definately have something to gain from doing so.
this is my friend's account. i am really Atheisticgod. k.