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Stahl Engel

Yesterday I realized one could not stop terrorism through security.

It occurred to me yesterday that one could not stop terrorism through any direct security means.

You, I, or anyone could construct an explosive device and walk into any crowded place or public transportation, shout Allah Akbar, and blow ourselves up. Not that I or most of the people out there would do that mostly because we believe we would not achieve eternal paradise in heaven.

It does not require millions of dollars or a vast network of inner circle of contacts or even other people.

All it takes is one person and an explosive device.

I mean can you stop that? One could could go down to the hardware store and with $300 construct a fairly explosive device. Heck... You could use gasoline in containers (but that would look sort of obvious going going somewhere). And then after a few minutes walking blow yourself up. Hell you could blow yourself up at a gas station (but it might get mistaken as an accident).

You most likely don't even have to kill someone to make headline news... But that wasn't your point. The point of the act was to get into heaven, not some political aspiring.

If one really wanted to achieve something political there are far better ways to do it through non-violent or other means.

Really, what the problem lies in that karma is being bled in an easy way to get into heaven for these people.

The point being is that you can't stop anyone from killing another human being if they put their mind to it.

Let's forget about the whole religion thing for a bit and say at this very moment someone in the world wishes to kill another person and statistically this is happening somewhere right now. We don't know who it is or where it is or when it will happen.

You can't stop it. No matter how hard you want to you cannot prevent it.

Same with what is happening today. No matter how many people you kill, how many people you throw into jail, how many rights you take away, or how many countries you invade you cannot simply prevent things from happening at least through standard western methods.

Well you could wage a war of extermination. House to house cleansing tactics... Outlaw of certain religions. Bomb their countries with chemical, biological and atomic weapons and set forth weapons that one has only dreamed of, but I suppose the west wishes to keep some sort of morality of humanity or something like that, but even then what if one of the country's own Christian citizen snaps one day, converts miraculously to Islam, and put on a C4 vest that he made that day and runs down to the local bus station and blows himself up.

You, nor I, nor any government in this world can prevent that.

Actually, North Korea could prevent that in their own country, but we are going back to mind control and indoctrination and extreme security.

The reason why we aren't facing daily suicide attacks is because most people in the US and in the west enjoy comfortable lifestyles and generally religion and heaven is clearly an after thought even with the most religious (after all if many of the Neo-Cons really were true Christians they would give up their wealth and lead a life of poverty, but I digress), and media indoctrination is pretty thick here so if one is frustrated with life and the meaning of the universe one can turn on their TV and forget about reality by watching others.

Not to say one day someone gets fed up with life and goes to Pakistan and goes mad with desire to go to heaven and then comes back and blows themselves up. Although one can say that if you block anyone traveling to odd countries... Say Pakistan. Then perhaps it might be preventable.

The issue is that really most humans are not on the verge of going crazy with feelings of desire to blow themselves up in order to get 97 virgins or whatnot. That is the main reason most of us have not been victims of suicide attacks.

No amount of security or wars can change this... Other than let people bleed their desire to go to heaven on foreign soil which might be better in some ways, but in truth one cannot prevent it if someone truly wants it to happen on ours.

To offer a solution to the problem I present, one either has to wage war of extermination (which most westerners would disagree with and I would say also impractical) or wage a better war of indoctrination.

Weather that be giving the world more things to occupy themselves with. Give the Palestinians Playstations and sports and give them jobs and they'll be less likely to blow themselves up on Jewish night clubs.

Otherwise it will take time till moderate Islam will take over from extremist versions.

Personally, if I was born into a religion in which alcohol was banned, I'd be rather irate too.
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